About Me

Khaled Safi

Social Media Consultant & Coach
From Gaza – Palestine
CEO of EUTD – Brussels, Belgium

Digital marketing consultant and expert, Social media Trainer, and campaign launcher.
Ready to inspire them to innovate the most brilliant ideas as long as we are in a TEAM.
– Social Media certified trainer in many associations and training centers.
– Lectured and trained in social media in many institutes, faculties, and universities.
– Between 2013 until 2017 I trained 7.520+ trainees (in total 1000 hours) in 70+ different events including lectures, courses, workshops, and seminars all about social media.
– I Launched and supported many campaigns and initiatives, engaged in different hash-tags that support youth & their rights on social media.

Basic Information:

  • Religious Views: Muslim
  • Nationality: Palestinian
  • Hometown: Gaza, Palestine
  • Birthday: March 21

Personal Information:

During my life I involved in my activities, first I worked in website development and designed many websites & portals for many institutes & societies.

Then I tried Radio stations, so I produced and presented a radio show for seven years talking about new technologies, digital marketing and social media.

Narration & sound over? I could handle it.

For living I found myself in training, coaching and consultancy, I dedicated the last ten years of my career to forward my experiences in media and social media to different generations.

I will never regret using my skills in social media to advocate my country, so I engaged in many youth teams locally and globally, physically and online to spread awareness about our main issue, Palestine 🇵🇸.

Technical Skills:

  • Operating System: iOS & Windows
  • Microsoft Office Family
  • Web Design programs
  • Graphics programs
  • Familiar to any software environment.

Contact info:

E-mail: info@Khaledsafi.com

Website: Khaled Safi’s website

Facebook: Khaled Safi on Facebook

Twitter: Khaled Safi on twitter

Instagram: Khaled Safi on instagram

تعليق واحد

  1. السلام عليكم ..
    الاخ خالد حياك الله انا من متابعي موقعك
    كنت انتظر انت تكتب شيئا عن الشرطي الذي قفز من فوق سور البيت الذي تحصن فيه قاتلي اريجوني .. حيث انه موقف رائع وشجاع
    والامر متروك لك .. وتمنايتي لك بالتوفيق

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